June Release | 27-06-2024 #

  • To help Prop Trading firms attract and retain traders more effectively, we have introduced a new feature on our Match-Trader platform: promo codes
  • We have added sound notifications for key events: opening/closing positions, receiving broker notifications, logging out, and losing connection
  • We now offer the option to activate register only and login only modes for Sign In with Google/Discord upon Broker request
  • Previously, the ROI statistic in Closed Positions was always returned for the entire period of statistics. We have now updated this feature to display the ROI based on the selected time range, with the default setting being the last 24 hours
  • As the first step in the account registration process for prop trading accounts, we have introduced a new, refreshed Challenge Selection view
  • We have introduced push notifications for three key actions for prop trading accounts: achieving the profit target, progressing to the next phase, and failing a challenge, with distinctions for Max Loss, Max Daily Loss, and exceeding the Trading Period
  • We updated the Match-Trader platform interface for prop trading accounts. The “Demo/Live” label is now “Prop,” with adjustments based on account status
  • We introduced new enhancements for Prop Trading Firms, adding three methods for calculating the Daily Loss Limit: initial balance, equity, and balance/equity

May Release | 23-05-2024 #

  • We are introducing a new feature on the Match-Trader platform: notification grouping. If a user receives multiple notifications and cannot read them all, they will be grouped and held until the user clears them, or they will disappear automatically
  • We have introduced a new order execution mode called “Demo Execution Mode,” which significantly improves trading on demo accounts. In this mode, all orders on demo accounts are executed at market prices without impacting the actual order book
  • The “Connection Lost” bar from the mobile version of our Match-Trader platform now slides down from the top of the screen on the web application as well

April Release | 25-04-2024 #

  • Our new one-time URL feature allows traders to quickly access the Match-Trader platform and Client Office for traders if they’ve forgotten their password but do not wish to reset it
  • Users can now conveniently register and log in using their Discord account
  • Now, the “Nominal Value of 1 Lot” and “Point Value of 1 Lot” are automatically converted into the currency of the user’s trading account
  • This April, we implemented a significant enhancement to the payment method available on the Match-Trader and Client Office platforms for traders: “Custom Bank Transfer,” which now supports withdrawals in addition to deposits
  • Now, when traders set or edit Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels, the platform displays these values as a percentage of the current account balance
  • This April, we’re also introducing a new notification grouping feature on the Match-Trader platform, designed specifically for traders who manage multiple notifications
  • The Match-Trader Administrator platform now features a Holiday Configurator, designed to streamline the management of non-trading days
  • To enhance the management of inactive accounts, we’ve introduced the “must be blocked” and “should be locked” parameters to the account archiving functionality in the group configuration tab of our Match-Trader Administrator

March Release | 28-03-2024 #

  • This March, we have introduced a new feature—displaying the nominal value when entering the volume of a transaction. Now, before opening a position or placing a pending order, users see the nominal volume value expressed in the currency of their account
  • Our newest update brings a drag-and-drop feature that simplifies managing Take Profit (TP), Stop Loss (SL), and Pending Orders right on the chart
  • We’ve also streamlined the way traders connect with their Broker’s support team by unveiling a new feature: the “Contact Form URL”
  • The latest update to the Match-Trader Streaming Manager includes a “Daily Snapshots” tab within the detailed account view aimed at improving client account management
  • We’re also introducing enhanced filtering within the Match-Trader Manager, enabling Brokers to swiftly locate client accounts by entering a phone number
  • Match-Trader Administrator users with Admin access will now have a clearer view of the risks involved in adhering to specific Exposure Rules

February Release | 29-02-2024 #

  • In the “Security” tab (available in User Settings), we’ve introduced a “Delete Account” feature. With it, users can now send account deletion requests without the need to contact their Broker
  • We’ve enhanced the “Accounts” tab in our Match-Trade Manager by introducing the Gross Balance, Margin, and Free Margin columns – previously available only in the client view
  • In our latest update to Match-Trader Manager, we’ve added a new ‘Symbol Alias’ column across several tabs: Positions, Active Orders, Orders, Closed Trades, Trades Summary, Positions Summary, and LP Routing Summary within the Streaming Manager
  • We’ve improved how client names are displayed within both the Match-Trader Manager and EOD/EOM reports. We now present client names in the intuitive ‘First Name Last Name’ format, replacing the ‘Last Name, First Name’ structure
  • This February, we’ve refined the ‘Trading’ tab in our Match-Trade Manager to streamline the order entry process by removing unnecessary fields. Now, we display only the fields relevant to the selected order type
  • In February, we’ve improved the flexibility of managing Maximum Exposure settings via the Match-Trader Administrator. Previously, adjusting exposure was limited to symbols within specific groups. Now, we introduce the ability to merge accounts, groups, and symbols into unique groups, each with a settable unified Maximum Exposure

January Release | 31-01-2024 #

  • We introduced an advanced analytical dashboard in the Match-Trader platform, providing investors with comprehensive trading statistics. Available key performance indicators include:
    • ROI
    • Total Return
    • Best & Worst Trades
    • Profitable Buys/Sells vs Losing Buys/Sells
    • Profitable/Losing Days
    • Average Win/Loss
    • Monthly Return
  • Thanks to a top-sliding banner, users of the Match-Trader platform’s mobile version will now be instantly informed about any interruptions in network access
  • The option to set mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) was previously available globally for each Broker in the Configuration > Broker Profile section. Now, we are introducing the ability to manage this feature individually for different client groups (branches)
  • We also introduced a new feature in our Social Trading solution that displays the monthly subscription fee in both the Money Manager’s and the follower’s currencies
  • As users begin subscribing to a new Money Manager, they now have the option to copy selected positions that the Manager currently has open
  • In Match-Trader Manager, we have introduced a feature for colour-coding Margin Levels based on the current margin level of a client. When this option is activated, three colours are available for Margin Level: green, yellow, and red

December Release | 21-12-2023 #

  • We introduced a series of improvements in the Finance tab of our Match-Trader platform:
    • Extended transaction range: Users now have access to all transactions, including those in pending, awaiting confirmation, rejected, failed, and refunded statuses
    • Blockchain transaction verification: We provide the ability to verify their status directly in the blockchain for cryptocurrency transactions
    • Payment gateway display: Users can now view the name and icon of the payment gateway used
    • Enhanced filtering: We have improved information management by introducing filters
    • Real-time data updates: Information in the tab is now automatically updated
  • In the Finance tab, we have added a ‘Cancel’ button for each withdrawal request in the ‘Awaiting Confirmation’ status. 
  • We have implemented a password preview feature across all areas of the platform where password entry is required
  • We have also introduced a new feature that allows users to copy the open positions of a Money Manager at the moment of starting a subscription
  • Similar to the Maximum Loss option, traders can now set a Take Profit value for their entire subscription when following a new Money Manager
  • The drag&drop feature, which allows for rearranging the order of symbols in Market Watch, now activates significantly faster in web version
  • Users of the Match-Trader mobile app can now monitor the quality of their internet connection with the exact ping value
  • Match-Trader’s fee display has been upgraded:
    • For Deposits: Fees from the payment gateway settings are now shown alongside the net amount
    • For Withdrawals and Deposits: Any configured fees are automatically deducted from the displayed “Amount”
  • Brokers can now set minimum subscription amounts for each Money Manager, preventing traders from subscribing with amounts below this minimum
  • The “Share My Trade” feature on Match-Trader now has updated graphics, displaying the point size difference between transaction opening and closing prices
  • The Match-Trader Administrator panel now includes a “Swap Multipliers” feature, allowing Brokers to adjust swap multipliers for various days of the week.
  • In our Social Trading solution, subscription fees are now charged immediately upon activation
  • The Match-Trader Manager app was updated to include thousand separators in certain tables and views
  • The Match-Trader Manager app now features simplified navigation, allowing users to access detailed client account views directly from the Active Orders, Orders, and Closed Trades tabs by double-clicking on a row
  • The Match-Trader Administrator now includes a “disableTrading” feature in the symbol configuration for groups, enabling Brokers to disable trading on specific symbols while still showing clients their current prices

November Release | 30-11-2023 #

  • Next to the platform time, we’ve added a connection quality indicator (ping). The indicator changes colours to reflect the connection speed: red for slow, orange for potential delays, and green for fast
  • Traders can now edit the activation prices of existing pending orders. Consequently, the trading process on the platform becomes more efficient: investors no longer need to cancel existing orders and place new ones
  • Match-Trader platform expands its functionality with a new, compact Top Movers chart. This intuitive chart, available in both a collapsed and expanded view, displays the dynamic price changes of selected financial instruments
  • The Match-Trader platform now includes a new feature: a button that allows the export of open position data in CSV and HTML formats
  • This November, we introduce the updated Match-Trader Manager app. The primary update includes the real-time updates of profits and margin levels in line with current quotations, as well as automatic refresh of transaction data following any action, such as opening, closing, or editing transactions
  • In Match-Trader Administrator, we introduced a significant update – the Routing Rules tab, which is exclusively available for the Broker Manager role. This tab enables Brokers to independently edit routing rules for their hedging accounts
  • As part of the enhancements to our Match-Trader Administrator, we have added a new parameter – Long Only Mode. When this feature is active, investors are limited to opening and closing only Buy orders. Clients using this feature can simulate the workings of the spot market, where short-selling without prior possession of the asset is impossible
  • This November, we also upgraded the Match-Trader Manager app’s Trading tab to display real-time market quotes for selected financial instruments
  • We have revamped the login process in our Match-Trader Administrator with an updated login interface. Now, Brokers can assign individual names to their saved login credentials

October Release | 26-10-2023 #

  • We have added a new feature that empowers users to adjust TP and SL for numerous positions and awaiting orders on specific instruments
  • We have added the “Social Feed” feature into the Analytics tab per instrument in the Symbol Info. Now, traders can view the three most recent positions opened by Money Managers for a specific instrument.
  • Now traders can easily define the exact price in USD value to activate their TP/SL. This feature automatically determines the closest price level, aligning with a trader’s forecasted profit or loss
  • We’ve revamped the “Edit Profile” section on the Match-Trader platform. It now boasts an advanced profile editor and the ability to upload KYC documents. A standout addition is the ability for users to log in to Match-Trader even if they don’t have an active trading account
  • We’ve added a password change option within the “Security” tab in user settings. Notably, this feature was previously only accessible through the Client Office
  • We’ve introduced a feature that allows users to resend the verification code via the “Resend Code” button

September Release | 28-09-2023 #

  • We have added a “Reason” column within the Closed Positions tab that displays the reason for closing each position. This information enables differentiation between positions closed manually by TP, SL, or Stop-Out
  • We have introduced a new feature under the “Closed Positions” tab: the ability to export closed positions in HTML format
  • When users decide to terminate their Social Trading subscription in the Match-Trader platform or the Client Office app, they are presented with two options: “Unfollow Only” and “Unfollow & Close Positions.” Choosing the former allows for the retention of all open positions, with the applicable incentive fee being charged. Selecting the latter option leads to the automatic closure of all positions when the subscription is terminated
  • We introduced a feature that allows for the modification of the amount allocated to an ongoing subscription in our Social Trading solution
  • Our latest upgrade allows Brokers to modify activation prices of pending orders such as STOP, LIMIT, SL, and TP. These adjustments can be made directly within the Active Orders section of the Match-Trader Manager application
  • We introduced a new parameter – Maximum Exposure within the group symbol configuration in Match-Trader Administrator. Thanks to this enhancement, it is now possible to specify the maximum exposure, expressed in dollars, that clients can hold for a given instrument 

August Release | 24-08-2023 #

  • We have broadened the range of login options available in the Match-Trader platform and Client Office. Users can now register and log in using their Google accounts. Plus, those with existing accounts can log in with their Google credentials, which will be automatically linked to their existing profile
  • For payment methods such as Bank Transfer, Custom Bank Transfer, Online Payment, and Redirect Payment, we introduced a new field in the CRM: “QR code details.” Brokers can now input specific details, like a cryptocurrency wallet address or a dedicated payment page link. Once these details are in place, traders, upon selecting the relevant payment gateway, receive a QR code embedded with the information provided by the Broker
  • Daily price range available in the mobile version of Match-Trader Platform
  • For payment methods such as Bank Transfer, Custom Bank Transfer, Redirect Payment, and Online Payment, there’s an option to set a ‘proof of payment’ field as mandatory 
  • Now, when using Safari on a mobile device, the Go & Trade button launches the Match-Trader  within the current tab rather than opening a new one
  • We also added  a “Reason” column in the “Closed Trades” tab of our Match-Trader Manager. This enhancement enables Brokers to determine whether a trade was manually closed by a trader or terminated by automated mechanisms such as Take Profit or Stop Loss
  • We introduced new ledger statuses in the Match-Trader Manager: Inactivity Fee and Bonus In/Out
  • We also introduced improvements to the bulk instrument editing process within the Match-Trader Administrator. We added a new feature available during bulk edits: “Modify Only Entered Values.” With this option marked, users can adjust only those values they’ve specifically entered

July Release | 20-07-2023 #

  • Match-Trader platform now offers a Multi-Chart mode in the platform’s Web version. Currently, the platform supports the simultaneous display of up to four charts. Multiple layouts are available, allowing users to select their preferred platform view according to the options provided by the Broker, including dark and light modes
  • Adding “Share my trade” functionality that allows traders to generate a graphic detailing each closed position.The graphic includes complete information about the trade, such as the instrument’s name, opening and closing price, trade closing time, and profit
  • Akurateco deposits integration. Akurateco is an advanced aggregator of various payment methods with more than 270 integrated banking solutions and payment methods globally
  • We introduced the option to enforce mandatory 2FA (two-factor authentication) for traders using the Match-Trader platform
  • A trade’s opening and closing points are now marked with arrows on the chart. An additional line connecting these points simplifies tracking time and price changes of closed positions
  • Adding the symbol’s weekly and monthly price change into the Market tab in Symbol Info

June Release | 26-06-2023 #

  • Adding the “Proof of Transfer” feature for the “Redirect Payment” method
  • Adding “copy” button next to each relevant field for payment method “Bank Transfer”
  • Adding open positions in the Social Trading Leaderboard of the Match-Trader platform

May Release | 25-05-2023 #

  • In May, we added a new tab called “Market” in Symbol Info, providing traders with real-time access to detailed analytics for each instrument
  • We added a push notifications function to our iOS app
  • Traders will have instant access to Market News and Economic Calendar in the language based on their preference set on the Match-Trader platform with AI translations. The following languages are supported in this update: Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese and Thai
  • From now on, the Symbol Info will display the next contract rollover date
  • We added “Swap points” information to the Symbol Info
  • We introduced a new payment method – Custom Bank Transfer 
  • We added the ability to set a monthly subscription fee that a trader should pay to follow a specific Money Manager. The fee size will be displayed in the subscription window on the Match-Trader platform and the Client Office
  • In May, we also enhanced the Data Management in our Match-Trader Manager app. Now, Brokers can assign Stop-Loss and Take-Profit for each position during the open position import process
  • Now, within both the “Orders” and “Active Orders” sections of the Match-Trader Manager, users can filter orders by symbol name and order ID

April Release | 13-04-2023 #

  • The Match-Trader platform now features a “guest mode” option, enabling traders to explore the platform’s functions and capabilities before registering an account. With the guest mode activated, clients visiting the Broker’s platform are greeted with a platform preview instead of a standard login screen
  • We have added a new feature called “LOGIN PAGE FOOTER”. The footer has a maximum height of 100px and supports HTML with inline CSS
  • The Match-Trader platform now features an inbox where Brokers can send customized notifications to their traders
  • The Match-Trader Manager now allows users to assign swaps and commissions to each position when importing open positions
  • We have added the ability to see the number of Buy and Sell orders in the Trades Summary of Match-Trader Manager
  • We have added the ability to filter positions and closed positions with order IDs in the Match-Trader Manager. Furthermore, users can perform actions such as Close All and Delete All once filtered

March Release | 21-03-2023 #

  • In March, we added a new tab called “Investor Access” in the User Settings section. New functionality allows traders to create a view-only account. When creating an account, the system generates a random email address, and users can set their passwords
  • We have added the capability to copy values from the Login and Order ID columns in the Positions, Active Orders, Orders, Closed Trades, and Ledgers tabs io our Match-Trader Manager
  • The Match-Trader Manager has a new column, “Trade Duration”. It displays the duration of each transaction. The column will be hidden by default
  • We have added a new flag called “Fixed Leverage” to the instrument configuration in the group
  • We have added the capability to download and upload the configuration of instruments within a particular group through a CSV file

February Release | 16-02-2023 #

  • Redirection to external CRMs from within the Match-Trader platform for the Deposit/Withdrawal, Edit Profile, Financial Operations, About Us, and Open New Account buttons
  • Redirection to the Client Office registration dashboard in case of missing trading account

January Release | 19-01-2023 #

  • Slippage column in Orders tab of Match-Trader Manager
  • The Closed Trades tab in the Match-Trader Manager has a new button, “Delete All”. It allows to delete all filtered positions with one click. There are also new filtering rules analogous to the ones in the Positions tab. Users can filter data by instrument and transaction side

December Release | 20-12-2022 #

  • We added the ability to send custom push notifications from the CRM to the selected trader(s)
  • 9Pay deposits integration. 9Pay is a supplier operating in the Vietnamese and international markets
  • Choosing the language of the platform upon entering Match-Trader
  • In Match-Trader Manager, a “Close All At Desired Price” button has been added in the Positions tab
  • We added two new fields for filtering the Positions tab. These are:
    • Symbols (“Instruments”);
    • Side of the transaction (“Side”)
  • In Match-Trader Manager, in the Orders tab, there is a new column, “Exec Time”. It displays the time in milliseconds that elapsed from the moment of sending the request to close the position to its closing
  • In Match-Trader Manager, we also added new bulk operations, including:
    • Blocking and unblocking accounts;
    • Moving selected accounts to another group
  • New routing rules in the Match-Trader Administrator. For external and internal routing, we added an option to set what percentages of the client’s position volume will be opened at a liquidity provider

November Release | 24-11-2022 #

  • We added two new parameters to the group edition in the Match-Trader Administrator. They are:
    • Swap frequency, which defines how often swaps will be charged;
    • Swap-free days, which determine how many days after opening the position, swaps are not charged
  • TAP deposit integration. TAP is a provider that integrates many different payment methods and supporting cards, e.g. VISA or Mastercard
  • Added Islamic Swap as a deposit or a withdrawal in Match-Trader Administrator
  • In the Match-Trader Administrator, we added the close-only mode, which allows only closing positions on selected symbols
  • In the new mobile version of Match-Trader, after holding a symbol from the Favorites list for a long time, a menu of actions available for this symbol appears. Actions include:
    • Opening the chart;
    • Opening the symbol information view;
    • Enabling or disabling notifications;
    • Removal from the favourites list
  • We added Greek, Hungarian, Romanian and Dutch languages

September Release | 03-10-2022 #

  • In Match-Trader Manager App, there is the “Commission upfront” option, thanks to which the commission is charged only when opening a trade

July Release | 19-07-2022 #

  • In Configuration (in the Match-Trader Manager), the Show time in UTC option has been added

May Release | 19-05-2022 #

  • Vaultspay and Ozow PSPs integrated
  • Closed positions and Finance CSV export (“Export to CSV” button)
  • Added information about minimum commission for symbol settings

April Release | 15-04-2022 #

  • UI optimization – the wallet address in the crypto deposit view is fully visible

March Release | 17-03-2022 #

  • New personalization options – Brokers can choose out of 5 skins
  • Social & Pamm Leaderboard view without a login
  • Added Social Feed Notifications – Trader receives a notification when the position is opened by the Money Manager
  • An easier switching to CopyTrading view – after switching to the Social Trading view in the Match-Trader platform, the upper bar with information about the trading account is displayed

February Release | 14-02-2022 #

  • Social Feed widget in Match-Trader Platform – The Social Feed tab displays information about the latest positions opened by Money Managers / Social Providers. Positions can be copied by user from the tab or a trader can start following the chosen provider
  • New chart settings: each position on the chart includes a net profit, ability to show and hide positions and chart grid
  • A French version of the Match-Trader platform 
  • “Unrealized profit loss” margin calculation method 
  • Optimization of scroll through widget (mobile)
  • New options for showing Notional value in the Match-Trader Manager – the possibility to check what is the value in USD of the opened positions by the traders 

January Release | 21-01-2022 #

  • New payment methods: Help2Pay, Sanfux, PayU
  • Proof of transfer attachment – allows traders to add a deposit confirmation file with which Brokers can quickly identify whether the payment has been made to the account
  • Optional verification of the e-mail address during registration and a new verification status “Email not verified” 
  • Push notifications per instrument and filtration of news events by currency

December Release | 22-12-2021 #

  • News Widget in Match-Trader: news about specific currency pairs, companies and economic events
  • TRC-20 network support – cryptocurrency payments and withdrawals from the TRON network, with a lower deposit fee
  • Push notifications in case of triggering stop-out, margin call, take-profit / stop-loss or pending activation 
  • Light skin for Match Trader platform (mobile & web) 
  • Top Movers Widget – we’ve enabled access to the Top Movers through the Widget above the Market Watch 
  • New look of registration forms

November Release | 24-11-2021 #

  • Sky Crypto Integration – the new payment method for the CIS region
  • Push notification function to the Calendar of Economics Events to prevent users from missing important issues
  • Copy Trading Widget above the Market Watch, where traders can view the ROI of specific Money Managers
  • Blockchain BEP-20 support for the Moonpay exchanger
  • Internal Transfer Extention – the possibility to transfer funds between accounts in different currencies and different systems

October Release | 14-10-2021 #

  • Economic events calendar, through which traders themselves can check the time, country and forecast of an event of interest
  • Full-screen chart view button in the right upside corner of the platform
  • New Indicators:
    • Ichimoku Cloud;
    • Average Directional;
    • Awesome Oscillator;
    • Commodity Channel;
    • Know Sure Thing;
    • Rate of Change;
    • Stochastic RSI;
    • TRIX;
    • Typical Price;
    • Weighted Moving Average;
    • Smoothed Moving Average;
    • Williams R.;
  • New payment methods: Stripe & PayRetailers & Webpays

September Release | 09-09-2021 #

  • Social Trading position markings: position opened by the client and position opened by the followed Money Manager
  • Deposit bonus system functionality – when making a deposit, your client is credited with a corresponding credit to the trading account
  • Faster removal of your favourite instruments by swiping to the right (mobile)
  • New elements in Trading Account View – more visible internal transfers 

August Release | 16-08-2021 #

  • Social Trading Support: Masters division, amount selection, maximum loss option 
  • Symbols’ Icons in the Market Watch 
  • Bulk edit of instruments in Match-Trader Manager – users can edit one instrument in multiple broker’ trading groups simultaneously. On top of that, Brokers can change markup, commission, min and max volume, swap and leverage. 
  • Сhoosing MAM offer during registration – the Master can send dedicated registration links to his clients

July Release | 15-07-2021 #

  • Yahoo Finance Integration – allows calculating deposits in local currency to USD using the Market rate
  • Awepay withdraws for South-East Asia added to one of our already integrated PSPs
  • Added tag for unverified account
  • Auto-hide All Symbols’ categories
  • Razorpay integration – new payment solution available for businesses registered in India

June Release | 10-06-2021 #

  • Top Movers Adjustment to the instrument lever – investors will be able to observe maximum changes only on the instruments that are currently tradable in the top movers
  • VNpay integration – payments in VND
  • Export of Closed Positions and Finance tabs to CSV
  • Added Thai language

May Release | 11-05-2021 #

  • IB Structure Support up to 50 levels
  • New payment providers integration – AwePay, Flutterwave

April Release | 08-04-2021 #

  • Auto-login feature – the user is redirected to the platform or Client Office immediately after registration without re-entering the password
  • Market Watch – custom instrument’s order (mobile & web)
  • Profit is visible on the browser tab to help control open positions fast 
  • MAM leaderboard – investors can verify the performance of each manager before subscribing to them

March Release | 09-03-2021 #

  • Top movers widget where investors can view which of the instruments have the highest volatility of the day
  • New payment solution – redirect payments where investors can transfer funds via different external PSPs
  • Min/max volume columns & minimum commission setting in the Admin App 
  • New integrated PSP – ENSO Payments

February Release | 10-02-2021 #

  • Bulk operations on groups and accounts – Brokers can adjust the markups for all instruments in the group at one time.
  • New options of group configuration – Brokers can calculate swaps according to the yearly % rate

January Release | 18-01-2021 #

  • KYC option – deposits & withdrawals can be set only for verified users, with the possibility to demand verification only for certain payments gateway 
  • Detailed Financial Operations ( “Financial operations” button) – current status of the deposit or withdrawal
  • Change in handling cryptocurrency deposits – the cryptocurrency address is assigned to each trading account

December Release | 08-12-2020 #

  • Trades summary tab with detailed info for A-Book & B-Book in Match-Trader Manager App 
  • Match-Trader in Apple and Google Store
  • New PSPs – Interkassa and Odeonpay have been integrated into both the new Client Office and Match-Trader platform
  • Another option of handling client registration – possibility to manually approve the creation of a trading account 
  • Local stocks support – we have added a calculation mechanism which helps to show contract value, TP or SL value of the stocks in local currencies. It is also possible to add request stocks from over 12 countries

November Release | 12-11-2020 #

  • Instant messaging – real-time broker support (Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat)
  • Better deposit conversion for online wallets – added direct redirection
  • Open and close position moment on the chart – Trader can see progress of his closed trade by clicking specific trade in the Closed Positions tab
  • Google Pay and Samsung Pay support in Moonpay

October Release | 21-10-2020 #

  • Partial close of the position – Traders can choose what part of a lot they want to close and what part will remain open
  • Praxis Cashier Widget – this PSP aggregator supports more than 1000 different payment methods
  • CEX.IO Direct – new crypto exchanger 
  • Credit balance – Brokers can add credit to trading accounts

September Release | 21-09-2020 #

  • Added Fibonacci retracements 
  • Possibility to edit positions and to remove trades in Match-Trader Manager app
  • Hedge Monitor and Broker/Client position summary tabs in Match-Trader Manager app

June Release | 10-06-2020 #

  • New payment gateways – two more Bitcoin exchangers 
  • Commission values shown in trade form
  • Multi Account Manager system – we have integrated the Match-Trader platform with our in-house developed MAM system
  • Highs and lows in Market Watch (mobile & web)
  • Become an Introducing Broker functionality (“Become IB” button)

May Release | 12-05-2020 #

  • Closed session mark and timer – the timer will show you when exactly the session will be open and the instrument available to trade
  • Multiple close of the position on Match-Trader web (mobile & web) 
  • New line chart (mobile & web) 
  • Easier way to deposit with low margin – the user will see the deposit button if he doesn’t have enough funds to open a new position
  • Easier account navigation – the offer name and account type (Live/Demo) next to its ID
  • Internal and external transfers – Traders can make internal transfers to external accounts under the same broker
  • New payment gateway – crypto credit card exchanger
  • Updated symbol’s info

April Release | 07-04-2020 #

  • New look for deposit and withdrawal view – added logotypes to ease the choice of the payment gateway while depositing/withdrawing funds
  • User-friendly charts with zooming options (mobile & web)
  • A step-by-step desktop installation of Match-Trader platform explained with an animation

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