In this section you can find answer for your questions questions about Back Office.

Back Office payment #

Can I set payment gateways manually?

Yes, but we advise you to contact our Product Support team to set up the gateway correctly.

Is Match2Pay a part of the Back Office?

No, Match2Pay is a crypto payment solution that can be used as a payment gateway.

How can I implement Match2Pay in my Back Office?

Please, contact our Support, and Sales team, in order to set up Match2Pay.

Why is my withdrawal in admin confirmation status?

Amount of withdrawal has exceeded the set value, you have to contact our Product Support team to confirm it.

Do I have to confirm every client deposit manually?

All payments done via Match2Pay and integrated PSP are automated. It also depends on how are KYC and KYT configurated.
If you wish to manually confirm every transaction, you can let know our Product Support team.

Is there a limited list of deposit currencies I can choose from to set up payment gates for my clients?

M2P gateway allows only for a limited number of currencies. If you need other currencies available, you need to set up an online payment method or another payment provider.

Back Office customization #

Can I set my role in the Back Office?

Certainly, you have to go to the Configuration section into the Roles Management in the Configuration tab.

Where can I get all the necessary API documentation?

You have to contact our Product Support team, and they will provide you with API documentation.

Is 2FA for admins mandatory? Can I turn it off?

No, 2FA for admins is only mandatory when using M2P. On your request, it can be turned off by the Broker Support.

What is the difference between the offer, and the branch?

Branch’s main purpose is to help sort the client in the way that suits you, on the other hand, the offer purpose is to prepare tailor-made solutions for your clients, that client can select.

How can we configure VOIP?

Contact our Product Support team via Skype, and they will help you set it up.

What VOIP providers are integrated with the Back Office?

SquareTalk and Voiso.

Can I add my own VOIP?

Currently, it’s not possible to add any new VOIP providers.

Day-to-day use #

What is the difference between a Lead and a Client?

Lead is considered as a potential client and after the first-time deposit will be converted to the Client.

How do I delete clients that no longer use our service?

Please, prepare a list of emails, and provide them to the Product Support team.

How can I check the history of actions in my Back Office?

You have to go into the Audit Logs in the main sidebar.

Can I set up or enable/disable the KYC for my clients?

You can do it in the Configuration tab in the KYC section.

What statistics can I measure with the Back Office tool?

In the Broker Analytic section, you can track your clients’ volume, profit, and deposits over a selected time range.
You can also see the loss, profit, volume, balance ranking, and statistics.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Contact our Product Support team for further instructions.

I can’t log in, I’m sure that my password is correct, what should I do?

Just like in case you forgot it, please reach out to our Product Support team.

leads and Clients #

How can I integrate a lead provider?

You have to contact our Product Support team, and they will proceed with the integration.

Does the lead provider have access to the Back Office?

No, a lead provider doesn’t have access to the Back Office.

Is there a limit to the leads?

No, there is no limit to the number of leads.

Can lead have a trading account?

Yes, lead can have a trading account.

Can a client have multiple trading accounts under one account?

Yes, one client can have multiple trading accounts.

Is there a way to create a lead with a trading account?

Of course, you just have to mention it before integrating with the lead provider.

Is there a limit to the clients?

No there is no limit to the number of clients, but there is a limit of trading accounts in your agreement.

How can I sort leads from different lead providers?

You can use branches to distinguish leads from different lead providers.

Do my clients need different trading accounts if they want to trade with different fiat currencies?

They need to create a different account for every fiat currency they trade. Also offers have to be separately set up for every currency and assigned to one branch to let clients create trading accounts with different currencies.

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