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Release notes: Bridge MT4/MT5 with RMS

January Release | 19-01-2023 #

  • We have added the ability to change parameters in Broker Symbols for specific periods of the week. Another tab with columns appeared in Risk Management. It contains fields like Broker Name, Time, Instrument, Component, Adjustment and an information column about the status of rule activation
  • In the Bridge Manager hedge monitor tab, there is the ability to display open positions in the new “Units” mode. i.e. individual contract units

October Release | 04-11-2022 #

  • We have added new charts and expanded the scope of the displayed information. The graphs with a summary of the revenue on the A-Book, client allocation trends, volume trends, and trade trends, will be displayed based on the selected time range
  • We have added the possibility of setting up automatic e-mails sent after exceeding a certain limit for exposure and profit or loss in USD
  • In hedge monitor, we added a new table with information concerning A-Book

August Release | 23-08-2022 #

  • Notifications of the current status of Brokers’ sessions.The ability to set up notifications about every change in the liquidity statuses has been added

July Release | 19-07-2022 #

  • Detailed hedging, singled trades profitability and closed trades report generation has been moved from Pentaho to Bridge Manager. It is available as export to CSV

August Release | 16-08-2021  #

  • Synthetic instruments in MT4 / MT5 Bridge – we’ve added the ability to create synthetic financial instruments, i.e. symbols based on one or more existing instruments

May Release | 11-05-2021 #

  • PrimeXM (Xcore liquidity) integration – XCore solution consolidates liquidity and supports multiple asset classes for over 120 leading industry market makers

February Release | 10-02-2021 #

  • Stop out comment – when a stop out is performed, detailed information about the action appears in the comment section (margin level %, equity, and margin)

November Release | 12-11-2020 #

  • Random Delay option on Match-Trade Bridge (specific instruments, groups or single clients)

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