Requirements for the MAM setup #

In the beginning you have to provide us Master account, Incentive account and indicate two groups.

One for slave account and one for detach. Both groups have to be BBook.

Slave group is for accounts that copy transactions from the master account.

Detach group is for slave account that is to stop copying trades or the funds on slave account will be 0.

These two groups have to be empty.

Below you can find instructions about configuration of MAM Gui, incentive calculation, attaching, and detaching slaves.

MAM Gui Settings #

If you encounter such a problem like this, please remove the path /img/favicon.ico from the URL address and click enter

This platform is for managing MAM.

On the left side there are tabs Money Manager and Detached accounts.

Money Manager

After clicking on this tab, a window with MAM configuration will appear. Changing settings possible via edit option, after clicking option window will appear.

  • Broker name – here will be Broker Name.
  • Trading system – here will be a trading system. It`s will be QFX.
  • Money Manager – here will be the Master login number.
  • Group of MM – here will be a slave group, where slaves will be.
  • Detach masterGroup – here will be detached group, where detached slaves will be.
  • Incentive acc – here will be the Incentive account login number.
  • Management fee – here will be the value of the management fee that will be calculated from slaves.  For example, 1 is equal to 1%.
  • Incentive fee – here will be the value of the incentive fee that will be calculated from slaves. For example, 1 is equal to 1%.
  • Redistribute mode – here will be redistribution mode from slaves to the master. Balance or Equity.

Detached accounts

On this page are located all slaves who were detached from their master. There is such information as who was its master, slave login, and his balance.

Attaching and Detaching through Match-Trader Manager #

Attaching – attaching account to slave group can be done through Match-Trader Manager, in account information window. Account can be attached via changing his “Client Group”, slave group need to be chosen and after that settings will be saved through OK button. After slave is attached, his balance will be added to Master`s. Also slave account will be locked, what means that he won`t be able to make trades manually.

Detaching – To detach account from slave group, same actions need to be done as when attaching. Only this time should be chosen detach group. After detaching Master balance will decrease on the same value what was in slave account.

How to recalculate incentive fee manually #

Incentive fee can be recalculated manually for one slave or all of them through our MAM Gui platform. To do it go to Money Managers tab and double click on MM. After that window will appear. 

Calculation for one slave – If Incentive fee need to be recalculated for one slave, his login must be chosen in slaves logins. Next choose fee type Management or Incentive and use Calculate fee option

Calculation fo all slaves – If Incentive fee need to be recalculated for all slaves. Slaves logins section need to be left empty and used Calc fee for all slaves option.

After making calculation manually fee will be added to Incentive account.

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