March Release | 17-03-2022 #

  • Pamm Leaderboard view without a login – redirection to the leaderboard is available on the login screen

December Release | 22-12-2021 #

  • “Become money manager” button – a new button in our Client Office and Match-Trader platform will give your client the opportunity to become a Money Manager in Social Trading App or MAM Solution and inform a broker about such request

August Release | 16-08-2021  #

  • Сhoosing MAM offer during registration – the Master can send dedicated registration links to his client

July Release | 15-07-2021 #

  • “Detach account” option for MAM offer on MT4/MT5

June Release | 10-06-2021 #

  • MAM leaderboard Tab – we’ve added the MAM leaderboard to the Client Office for MT4/MT5  with a list of masters’ accounts managers

April Release | 08-04-2021 #

  • MAM leaderboard in our Match-Trader platform – Investors can verify the performance of each manager before subscribing to them

January Release | 30-11-2021 #

  • Two trading systems at once – our MAM system got the possibility to connect to Metatrader 5. From now on MAM can be used for both systems – master can trade using Metatrader 5 while slaves will be using Match-Trader

June Release | 10-06-2020 #

  • Multi Account Manager – we have integrated the Match-Trader platform with our in-house developed MAM system

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