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Release notes: Social / Copy Trading App

February Release | 16-02-2023 #

  • From now on, it will be possible to see in the subscribers’ view:
    • The current profit generated on money manager subscriptions
    • The value that indicates the remaining amount needed to meet the high watermark rule, which is the fee level that a Money Manager must exceed before it is recalculated

June Release | 15-06-2022 #

  • Information on the calculation of ROI available in the leader view in our Copy Trading App

April Release | 15-04-2022 #

  • ROI of subscription on follower account in Copy Trading App 

March Release | 17-03-2022 #

  • Social Leaderboard view without a login – redirection to the leaderboard is available on the login screen
  • Social Feed Notifications – Trader receives a notification when the position is opened by the Money Manager
  • An easier switching to CopyTrading view in Match-Trader – without opening a new tab, users can track information about their subscriptions and Money Managers’ statistics

February Release | 14-02-2022 #

  • Social Feed widget in Match-Trader Platform – The Social Feed tab displays information about the latest positions opened by Money Managers / Social Providers. Positions can be copied by user from the tab or a trader can start following the chosen provider

December Release | 22-12-2021 #

  • “Become money manager” button – a new button in our Client Office and Match-Trader platform will give your client the opportunity to become a Money Manager in Social Trading App or MAM Solution and inform a broker about such request

November Release | 24-11-2021 #

  • Different currencies support  – a trader, following a money manager, may have a trading account in a currency other than the money manager
  • Copy Trading Widget in Match-Trader – we’ve enabled access to the Copy Trading through the Widget above the Market Watch in our Match-Trader platform

September Release | 09-09-2021 #

  • Social Trading position markings – Social Trading open positions designation was added in our Client Office and Match-Trader platform
  • Social Trading & Client Office Integration – the observed masters are displayed in a separate section on the leaderboard. ROI summaries of observed masters and incentive fees, already calculated, are available in a detailed view

August Release | 16-08-2021 #

  • Social Trading and Client Office’ Leaderboard Integration – the Social Trading solution can be used directly from the Client Office
  • MT5 support in Social Trading system

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