April Release | 25-04-2024 #

  • We’ve expanded our list of supported cryptocurrencies and networks to include the Solana blockchain

February Release | 29-02-2024 #

  • We’re expanding our cryptocurrency portfolio of Match2Pay crypto payment gateway, now including Litecoin

January Release | 31-01-2024 #

  • Match2Pay crypto payment gateway has undergone an upgrade to enhance user experience, now featuring a new Status Page. This feature delivers live updates about the operational health of the Match2Pay platform
  • We’ve added XRP withdrawals to our crypto payment gateway

December Release | 21-12-2023 #

  • We’ve added the Dogecoin and XRP to our supported currency list

November Release | 30-11-2023 #

  • We updated our integration with Stripe to align with its latest API version (2022-11-15)

October Release | 26-10-2023 #

  • Merchants can now easily track their Match2Pay settlement activities also in the “Transaction” tab beside “Balance” tab. It’s worth noting we’ve renamed this from the previous “Crypto transactions”. For added convenience, we’ve also enabled these details to be exported as a CSV file
  • Now, not all columns are displayed by default in the Transactions tab. Users have the flexibility to customize their visibility, choosing from the available options on the list

September Release | 28-09-2023 #

  • Now, Match2Pay users can purchase cryptocurrencies using Onramper – a leading fiat-crypto onramp aggregator
  • The latest enhancements to the Match2Pay crypto payment gateway include the addition of a new tab – Onchain Fee. Clients using Match2Pay can now review the current onchain fees applied while processing their users’ withdrawals

August Release | 24-08-2023 #

  • Polygon Blockchain is now available for Match2Pay users. This network supports a range of tokens, including MATIC, USDT, and USDC
  • Adding direct links to blockchain scanners for specific records within the “Crypto transactions” and “Requests” tabs within the Match2Pay

July Release | 20-07-2023 #

  • Match2Pay crypto payment gateway has a brand new look
  • For deposits made using the Match2Pay, we will now transmit the trading account ID associated with specific transactions. This detail will be visible in both the Requests and Crypto transactions tabs on the Match2Pay dashboard

September Release | 03-10-2022 #

  • Added support for multiple transactions on one hash for ERC20

July Release | 19-07-2022 #

  • In the Match2Pay app, an option to check the most popular processing errors has been added to the cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals

June Release | 15-06-2022 #

  • Withdrawing funds to the segwit wallet address BTC. These are P2WPKH and P2WSH addresses that start with “bc1q”
  • The “Trading Account” ID column in Crypto Transactions and Request tabs in Match2Pay

May Release | 19-05-2022 #

  • New Multi Broker access – we added a possibility to manage different White Label Platforms by logging into one Match2Pay account

April Release | 15-04-2022 #

  • Managing Match2Pay balance in CRM

March Release | 17-03-2022 #

  • Payment Link generation – the Generate Address option, in addition to the created wallet address, also displays a link to the payment page

January Release | 21-01-2022 #

  • TRC-20 Blockchain support in Exchangers – our clients can purchase TRON based cryptocurrency using Moonpay, Cex or Mercuryo payment solutions

December Release | 22-12-2021 #

  • Fixed Amount payment

November Release | 24-11-2021 #

  • Payment visualization and withdrawals in Match2Pay for crypto transactions
  • Mercuryo.io & Cex Direct in Match2pay

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