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Release notes: Match2Pay

September Release | 03-10-2022 #

  • Added support for multiple transactions on one hash for ERC20

July Release | 19-07-2022 #

  • In the Match2Pay app, an option to check the most popular processing errors has been added to the cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals

June Release | 15-06-2022 #

  • Withdrawing funds to the segwit wallet address BTC. These are P2WPKH and P2WSH addresses that start with “bc1q”
  • The “Trading Account” ID column in Crypto Transactions and Request tabs in Match2Pay

May Release | 19-05-2022 #

  • New Multi Broker access – we added a possibility to manage different White Label Platforms by logging into one Match2Pay account

April Release | 15-04-2022 #

  • Managing Match2Pay balance in CRM

March Release | 17-03-2022 #

  • Payment Link generation – the Generate Address option, in addition to the created wallet address, also displays a link to the payment page

January Release | 21-01-2022 #

  • TRC-20 Blockchain support in Exchangers – our clients can purchase TRON based cryptocurrency using Moonpay, Cex or Mercuryo payment solutions

December Release | 22-12-2021 #

  • Fixed Amount payment

November Release | 24-11-2021 #

  • Payment visualization and withdrawals in Match2Pay for crypto transactions
  • & Cex Direct in Match2pay

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