Our Forex CRM application (also known as Traders’ Room) is provided with solid features in order to help Brokers manage all of their clients’ and IBs’ activities efficiently in one place. This application enables reduction of operating costs by introducing automation into the key business operations areas.

Finance #

In the dynamic world of finance, we are committed to simplifying your data-driven journey thanks to a wide range of user-centric, analytical features in order to facilitate making informed decisions for all the interested parties.

Effortless Account ManagementNavigate with ease using our user-friendly interface in the Trading Accounts tab, designed to simplify deposit and withdrawal management. Experience seamless transactions and enjoy convenience at your fingertips with this feature, meticulously crafted to enhance your trading journey.
Personalized Statistical InsightsGain valuable insights into your financial transactions with our user-friendly Deposits & Withdrawals tabs. This feature enables easy importation of transaction data, offering a clear and concise view of your financial activities to aid in strategic decision-making. This feature is tailored to offer you valuable insights that can guide your financial strategies. 
Comprehensive Transaction HistoryOur Deposits and Withdrawals tab offers a seamless way to monitor and import your transactions, allowing detailed tracking of the history of your financial activities. This feature is designed to provide you with personalised statistical insights, aiding in informed and strategic financial decision-making.
2FA Confirmation with WithdrawalsAssure protection for crucial financial operations, so your clients feel guarded at all times. Enhance the security of your withdrawal operations with our 2FA Confirmation feature, ensuring safe and secure transactions while maintaining operational efficiency.
Match2Pay settlement in CRMMaintain insight and control over the history of financial operations. Experience enhanced efficiency and convenience with Match2Pay settlement already integrated into our CRM system, streamlining payment processes and optimising operational workflow.
Multiple Cashiers and PSPs integratedProvide your clients with multiple payment options to facilitate making deposits for them. We offer a variety of payment solutions, featuring integrated Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and multiple cashier methods, to provide you with flexibility and convenience in managing your transactions.
Limit amount confirmation for Match2PayFor enhanced security, withdrawals above $5000 are subject to double confirmation by the MTT team. Admins receive the ability to request modifications to those limits, ensuring both safety and adaptability in transaction management.

Retention #

In our dedicated support role and team, we have provided our CRM with features designed to enhance operational efficiency in terms of maintaining customer engagement and secure client retention. Our goal is to provide you with multiple options for communication and tools to KYC (Know Your Customer).

Effortless Bulk OperationsStreamline your tasks with our Bulk Operations feature, located at the top right corner of the Clients and Leads tabs. Execute mass email communications and send push notifications directly to the trader platform with ease, enhancing operational efficiency and communication.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-january-release/
Comprehensive Action TrackingTrack all actions, from account creation to KYC verification, using the Actions tab. This feature allows thorough investigation and refinement of processes, ensuring optimal operational workflow and compliance.
Audit Log ImportationUtilise our Audit Logs tab to effortlessly import essential account-related logs, ensuring easy access to crucial information and streamlined account management.
Broker AnalyticsEmpower brokers with in-depth business insights through our Broker Analytics feature. Comprehensive cash flow analysis, commission tracking for Introducing Brokers, trader and IB activity monitoring, and leads management provide a holistic view of your brokerage operations. Access key statistics, including trading volume, profit, and client deposits, along with trader rankings. Analyse business trends by comparing data from specific date ranges with historical performance, enabling informed decision-making and creation of coherent, data-driven growth strategies.
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Comprehensive ReportsLeverage our Reports tab for seamless importation of diverse data reports, enabling in-depth statistical analysis and yielding valuable insights to reinforce strategic decision-making.
Last Events in Sales DashboardStay updated with the latest trading and payment activities through the Last Events tab. Additionally, utilise Clients segmentation to gain insights into lead status distribution, allowing efficient lead tracking and management.

Sales and affiliates #

Our suite of functions is designed to empower Account Managers and Agents by simplifying their everyday tasks and facilitating client service thanks to a range of sales dashboard and lead description features.

Unified Sales DashboardExperience everyday convenience with our centralised Sales Dashboard, prominently located within our CRM. It grants Account Managers and Agents immediate, convenient access to crucial information, facilitating informed and timely decision-making.
Client Notes – TimelineImprove client management by adding specific notes directly to client profiles in the Clients tab. This feature provides tailored insights and a deeper understanding of each client’s needs, accessible with a simple double-click on the respective client.
Affiliate Link CreationWithin the IB => IB Accounts tab, we grant users the ability to create affiliate links and track user registrations in a centralised manner. This feature allows forming a structured client tree as well as optimising client portfolio management for both Account Managers and Agents.
Customised CommissionsUtilise our IB => IB Commissions tab to tailor commission options to your unique preferences and needs, simplifying the creation of a flexible commission trading system that aligns with individual requirements.
Comprehensive ReportsLeverage our Reports tab for seamless importation of diverse data reports, enabling in-depth statistical analysis and yielding valuable insights to provide for strategic decision-making.
VOIP IntegrationIn order to offer enhanced accessibility and cost-efficiency, and optimisation of communication processes, we have integrated our CRM with leading VOIP providers like SquareTalk and VOISO.
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Pools ManagementUtilise our Configuration => Pools Management feature to easily group Account Managers and Agents, allowing creation of specialised pools that can be assigned to a selected team manager. This provides team managers with insight into profiles of clients associated to their team, supporting effective collaboration and client management within the organisation.
Deposit Bonus AssignmentOptimise your credit assignment process in the Configuration => Deposit Bonuses section, designed for effortless enhancement of offers to attract and retain traders. This feature not only fosters business expansion and client contentment, but also serves as a strategic tool to elevate the overall trading experience, making it more rewarding and appealing.
Effortless Bulk OperationsStreamline your tasks with the Bulk Operations button located at the top right corner of the Clients and Leads tabs, allowing quick and easy execution of mass email communication and push notifications, enhancing operational efficiency and speed.
Lead Lead StatusesEnhance client categorisation with our intuitive Configuration => Lead Statuses tab, allowing effortless creation of lead statuses. This feature enables more accurate and descriptive client profiling, ensuring tailored interactions and management for each client’s unique requirements and preferences.
Lead Assignment RulesUtilise our Configuration => Lead Assignment tab to establish new rules for lead assignments, enabling automatic allocation of accounts from diverse countries and languages to specialised Account Managers, streamlining management and ensuring optimal alignment with client needs.
Simple API – lead providers integrationIntegrate effortlessly with affiliate platforms/lead providers using our user-friendly, wide API options. Our MTT support team is available to assist with all your integration needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
Account Manager AssignmentWithin Clients => Detail Account, assign an Account Manager to each client, ensuring managers have insight only into their assigned clients/leads and their activities within the CRM, optimising client management and driving focus on priority movements.
CPA programElevate your partnerships with our CPA Program, allowing you to reward Introducing Brokers efficiently for their clients’ First Time Deposits. This feature provides flexibility in setting up bonus structures and commissions, fostering enhanced collaboration and growth via affiliate marketing strategies.
Auto IB (All clients are IBs)Maximise referral opportunities by automatically designating all clients as Introducing Brokers (IBs), fostering a network of client-led introductions. 
CashbackEnhance client engagement with our configurable Cashback program, rewarding clients for their engagement and loyalty expressed via trades. This feature allows customisation of cashback conditions, including the type and amount of cashback, the currency in which it is paid, and the specific offers it is assigned to, ensuring a tailored approach to incentivising clients’ loyalty and trading activity.

Verification #

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, the CRM with Match-Trader platform provides you with several valuable features enabling you to understand clients’ requirements and specifics deeper and better.

Google Vision Pre-CheckAccelerate your manual KYC processes with our innovative Google Vision Pre-Check. This feature extracts crucial document data, compares data across documents, verifies faces for increased security, and delivers swift delivery of results. Activate this tool easily via the Configuration => KYC tab.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-january-release-initial-verification-of-kyc-documents-by-google-vision-ai/
Trusted Integration with SumsubExperience seamless and reliable verification processes through our integration with Sumsub, a leader in identity verification. By activating Sumsub integration you can ensure efficient management of the entire verification process entirely on their platform. Contact us to enable this trusted feature.
Flexible KYC OptionsAdapt to diverse user needs with our Flexible KYC Options, enabling personalised KYC requirements during the registration of real or demo accounts. Incorporating MIFID questionnaires, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of each client’s financial knowledge and preference. Access and customise easily through our Configuration => KYC tab, ensuring a tailored approach to client onboarding.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-december-release/https://match-trade.com/match-trade-february-release//
Editable Registration FormCustomise your registration forms for real and demo accounts with ease using our Configuration => KYC tab. Tailor the forms to your needs and request specific documents from clients, ensuring a seamless and personalised registration process.
Required 2FA (CRM)Strengthen security within the CRM by using the Two-Factor Authentication option, ensuring secure access and interactions through dual verification methods, protecting sensitive information.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-september-release-2fa-in-our-client-office-forex-crm/
Required 2FA for Clients (Trader)Enhance protection level for your clients using our trading platform with obligatory Two-Factor Authentication, safeguarding client interactions, transactions, and data, and ensuring a secure trading environment.

Platform promotion / Client UX #

Dedicated to meeting both your requirements and the needs of your clients, we provided the platform with promotional demo functionalities and customisation options as well as improvements concerning communication.

Sign in with GoogleSimplify your sign-in process with our Sign in with Google option. If preferred, this feature can be disabled in the Configuration => Offers tab, and can be enabled for one offer at a time, providing flexibility in user access management.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-august-release-log-in-to-the-match-trader-platform-using-your-google-account/
Guest ModeProvide potential users with a quick and convenient preview of our trading platform through the Guest Mode. This feature offers a comprehensive glimpse into the capabilities of our platform, allowing an informative exploration without the need for full access.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-april-release-guest-mode-in-the-match-trader-platform/
Share My TradeEmpower your trading experience with our Share My Trade option. Users can easily obtain a PNG file describing their closed positions, allowing quick and convenient sharing of trade details along with a short description. 
Investor AccessEnhance transparency with our Investor Mode, allowing special account access to view live trades of a shared account. This feature provides insight into trading activities without the ability to open or close positions, ensuring a secure and informative viewing experience.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-march-release-investor-access-tab-in-the-match-trader-platform/
Custom Themes and CSS CustomizationChoose from three themes, including dark and light modes, in our trading platform under User Settings => Themes. Brokers have the flexibility to customise colours and other platform elements—contact our support team for personalised adjustments and enhancements.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-march-release-new-match-trader-platform-personalization-options/
Messenger RedirectionStreamline communication with our redirection feature found in Configuration => Broker Profile tab, allowing the addition of specific social links such as Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc., for quick and convenient contact with the Broker.
Push NotificationsEnhance information flow between Client and Broker with our Push Notifications feature. Brokers can effortlessly send bulk information, ensuring clients receive instant updates on their trading platform screens and smartphones, fostering timely and efficient communication.
Custom Login page footerPersonalise user experience with the ability to customise the login page footer, reflecting brand identity and providing additional information or links.
AI Translate NewsStay informed with AI-powered news translation, ensuring access to crucial market updates in your preferred language, aiding in informed decision-making.
Multi-Chart modeExperience enhanced trading versatility with our Multi-Chart Mode feature. Easily view and analyse multiple charts simultaneously, empowering you with a comprehensive perspective on various assets and markets. Make informed trading decisions efficiently and stay ahead of market trends with this powerful tool.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-july-release-multi-chart-mode-in-the-match-trader-platform/
Economic events calendarAccess critical economic event information, including event timing, country, and forecasts, empowering traders to make informed decisions. Customise visibility and filter events by impact for a streamlined trading experience.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-october-release-economic-events-calendar-in-match-trader/
Social TradingTap into the expertise of fellow traders with our Social Trading feature. Connect and follow experienced traders’ strategies, gaining valuable insights and enhancing your trading experience through collaborative knowledge-sharing.
Social FeedExplore a dynamic trading community with our Social Feed Widget. Gain insights into the latest positions opened by Money Managers and Social Providers. Copy trades or follow preferred providers, and receive real-time notifications for new positions, empowering you to make timely trading decisions.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-february-release-social-feed-widget-in-match-trader-platform/
Top MoversAccess real-time insights with our Top Movers Today Widget. Identify the  most volatile instruments of the day, crucial for Forex traders seeking profitable opportunities. Novice traders can also utilise this feature to spot potential investments and manage position risks effectively. Customise its visibility on both web and mobile platforms for a tailored experience.
Read more: https://match-trade.com/match-trade-march-release/
API for tradersBuild your own expert advisory network based on our open platform API, which allows traders to integrate with the tools they prefer. 
Single Sign-OnLog in with the same credentials and transfer smoothly between the trading platform and the client panel with our Single Sign-on feature to facilitate everyday work without the necessity to login separately to different tools.
Deposit directly from platformAccept deposits onto the account directly from the platform using payment gateways available with the ecosystem of solutions. Facilitate deposits-making for your clients by giving them multiple payment channels to choose from according to their convenience and habits.
Banner PromotionsIn order to upkeep clients’ engagement and retention, promote your newest offers and campaigns with banners in the client area, so they can always remain well-informed.

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