Redirection to PROP Trading admin panel #

At the top of the Back Office, you can find a redirection to the PROP Trading admin panel, where you can manage the Challenge Configuration and check the Challenge Statistics. You can log in to this panel with the CRM credentials.

Challenge Configuration #

After logging in you will see the CHALLENGE CONFIGURATION section. Already configured challenges will be visible here, and you can add new ones using the “+” button.

Challenge details #

  • Challenge Name – Name of the challenge visible to clients
  • Currency – Currency in which an account will be created
  • Description – Description of the challenge visible to clients
  • System – System in which an account will be created
  • Branch – Branch in which an account will be created
  • Operation – Select the Trading Account Create option
  • Fee ($) – Fee of the Challenge
  • Hidden Option – If you select this option, the challenge will be hidden from clients
  • Verification Required (KYC) Option – The client has to have Verified status, to be able to create an account in this challenge
  • Challenge statistics Option – If you select this option, you will have client’s performance statistics in your dashboard

Phase configuration #

  • Phase Name – Name of the phase visible to clients
  • Funded Phase Option – This option defines whether the account will be Live or Demo. If you select this option, a Live account will be created and a Profit Split will be enabled
  • Group Name – Name of the group (ALREADY CONFIGURED IN THE ADMIN APP), where the account will be created
  • Initial Balance – Initial Balance which will be added to the client account during the registration process
  • Initial Leverage – Initial Leverage which will be used for new trading accounts
  • Trading Period – Maximum number of days from account creation, until the end of the Phase
  • Minimum Trading Days – Minimum number of days from the first trade, needed to pass the Phase
  • Max Daily Loss (%) – Maximum Daily Loss in percentage that is acceptable to the client, counting from the Balance, Equity, Equity/Balance, Initial Balance starting the day. :
    • Balance – Percentage calculated from the daily snapshot balance.
    • Equity – During the daily snapshot, the equity value is taken instead of the balance.
    • Equity/Balance – During the daily snapshot, both balance and equity values are checked. The base for calculating daily loss is the less favorable value for the trader, i.e., the higher value. If the trader has profitable trades, the equity value will be higher than the balance, so the daily loss is calculated from the equity. If the trader has losing trades, the daily loss is calculated from the balance.
    • Initial Balance – The value taken from the initial balance remains the same every day
  • Max Loss (%) – Total maximum loss in percentage that is acceptable to the client, counting from the Initial Balance
  • Profit Target (%) – Profit Target in percentage which is required of the client to complete the Phase
  • Profit Split – Profit Split in percentage, for the client and broker

Challenge Statistics #

In the Challenge Statistics section you can select for which challenges you want to check the statistics, and also the period that you want to check. In this section, you can see statistics from CHALLENGE CONFIGURATION such as:

  • Fees collected – Fees which you collected from the challenges
  • Ammount paid to traders – Ammount that you paid to traders according to the profit split set
  • Number of new participants
  • Percentage of participants who met the goals


All of the trading accounts that are during the challenge – haven’t broken any rules yet.

Promo Code #

The Promo Codes tab allows you to configure promo codes that reduce the value of the purchase in the challenge.

  • Name – Name of the configured promo code
  • Code Name – Name of the code that reduces the value of the challenge, which needs to be entered when purchasing the challenge
  • Discount Type
    • Discount
    • Challenge Fail
    • Referral
  • Challenges – Field where you select for which challenges the code will be active
  • Code Value – Field where the discount value is entered
  • Code Type – Field where you choose the type of code:
    • Fixed Amount – Fixed discount value
    • Percentage – Percentage discount value
  • Start Time – Time from which the promo code is active
  • End Time – Time until which the promo code is active

The Referral discount type requires an additional operation because the Referral account cannot be included in the challenge offer.

For Referral accounts, the offer configuration is necessary in the Back Office. This is done in the Configuration -> Offer->Green plus button.

You should create a trading account in the newly created group

Created account in a special offer for referral accounts you can put at this moment in the Configuration of Promo Code Tab in place of Trading account

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