At the beginning, you have to provide us with a Master account, Incentive account, and indicate two groups: One for the slave account and one for the detach. Both groups have to be B-Book.

Slave group is for accounts that copy transactions from the master account.

Detach group is for the slave account that is to stop copying trades or the funds on slave account will be 0.

These two groups have to be empty.

MAM instructions:

  • Fund managers can trade on multiple investor accounts via the MT5 trading terminal with all the proportional sub-trade allocations done automatically.
  • Investors (slave accounts) may deposit and withdraw money from their sub-accounts.
  • Investors can see proportional sub-trades on their accounts, real-time P&L, and full account trading reports.
  • Easy-to-use administrative GUI program that may be used by brokers, white labels, and money managers.

How to attach #

EasyMAM GUI application shows all potential master and slave accounts in a flat list. Slave accounts should be in special “slave groups”. Master accounts should be in “master groups” and should have 0 deposits before slaves will be attached. Slave accounts should not have any trades before attaching.

To assign a money manager (“master”), we should “attach” the first investor account (“slave”) to them by right-clicking the future slave account with the client’s funds and choosing the “Attach” menu option.

The next step is to specify the account number of a money manager, as shown below. After that, we press OK and EasyMAM will start the process of “attaching” the new slave account to its new master.
The result of our first attachment is shown below.

For bulk attach select several Slave’s accounts by holding Shift and pressing “Attach to master” in the drop-down window.

We can also right-click on the active master, which already has one or more slaves, and choose the “Attach by pattern” option.

After that enter the path to a certain slave group that should be attached to this master.

Note: The full path to the slave group should be used.

How to detach #

All slave accounts attached to the master can receive new trades, earn profits, and lose money while they are attached. If an investor wants to prevent any further trading on their funds, the sub-account has to be “detached” from its respective money manager by selecting the “Detach” menu option of that sub-account.

Stop-Loss #

It’s a function that restricts the amount of money that should be on a slaves’ balance at all times (in the currency of the balance of the account). Automatic detach takes place any time the current balance becomes less than the Stop-Loss:

If we right-click on a Slave account and choose “Change SL” we’ll be provided with a window to specify the SL amount:

Press okay and after some time the specified amount will be recorded for this account as a Stop Loss level. Whenever a Slave’s balance goes below the Stop-Loss, it will be automatically detached.

Prohibited Actions #

To prevent EasyMAM from crashing and a mismatch of accounts’ balances, it is prohibited to do the following:

  1. DON’T attach Slave accounts to Master accounts that have a balance different from 0. Master cannot have its own money. If you want the Master to manage their own money, make a separate Slave to hold Master’s money and attach it normally.
  2. DON’T delete an account from MT4/MT5 that is an attached Master or Slave in EasyMAM. If you want to delete a Slave account, detach it from its Master first through EasyMAM GUI. If you want to delete a Master account, detach all of its Slaves through EasyMAM GUI.
  3. DON’T move to another group (that is not under EasyMAM) an account that is an attached Master or Slave in EasyMAM. Before doing that, you should detach the account from its Slaves and Masters through EasyMAM GUI.
  4. DON’T manually change the “open time” and “close time” fields, prices, and profits of Master or Slave trades while they are attached under EasyMAM (any trades, open or closed).

EXCEPTION #1: You can change the open price of open trades on a Master account.

EXCEPTION #2: You can change the price of closed trades on a Master account only if there were no new attach/detach after the trade was closed.

5. DON’T delete trades of an account that is attached and processed by EasyMAM. Make sure you detach the account first from its Masters and Slaves.

6. DON’T add comments like ‘H890921#2961868’ to Masters trades (for MT5 EasyMam). It is an operational comment, which EasyMam adds by itself only when the slave is being detached while he has open trades (hot detach).

7. DON’T delete groups from the server which are processed by EasyMAM. It is possible only after the group will be erased from the EasyMAM configuration file.

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